Spiritual Teacher, Transformation Coach, Healer & Psychotherapist

I’m Naresh Harman, and I am Spiritual Teacher, Coach, Healer and a Psychotherapist.

I have worked with thousands of people over the past 20 years by helping them to understand what is keeping them stuck in their lives or preventing them from attaining their desires and helping them transform for the better.

You could say that I am a change agent as I help people change and evolve by working on their whole being, their inner blueprint and specifically their Mind Body Emotions and Energy. I am able to do this by combining my gifts, experience and expertise as a Spiritual Healer, Teacher & coach, as well as a Psychotherapist, with my life long journey to return to my true Self and Wholeness.

The reason I do this, is that I have encountered many people who realise that they are unfulfilled, disillusioned or unhappy with the struggle that life brings and they don’t know why. They feel lost and are unable to change or improve no matter what they try and do. So, life keeps dishing up what they don’t want and repeats a pattern that they desperately want to stop.

This can cause frustration, anger, depression, fear, uncertainty, grief or they may have become someone that they do not recognise, far removed from their authentic self. They don’t have lifes’ abundance or that great relationship that they wished for and feel totally powerless to change their life.

Our Approach

How can we change?

By understanding why things are the way they are and work to change it for good. We have to adopt a new way of living and one that we should have been taught from day one!

Basically, we have been taught to live a certain way and this has created who we are today. Its’ created an inner blueprint that is being mirrored back to you in life whether you know it or not.

Everything we have learnt and done has become programmed into our subconscious. Take learning to ride a bicycle, once learned you never forget it as it’s programmed or hard wired in your subconscious mind and you don’t have to think about doing it.

The subconscious or unconscious mind as it is also known is what we call our inner blueprint.

Did you know that … Who you are … is what you get! Literally!

The inner blueprint not only dictates how we live life it also dictates what we get in Life! Now more than ever it’s time to change that inner blueprint at all levels – as the mind, body, emotional and energetic fields all carry cellular memory of all our learnt behaviours and experiences.

By changing the inner blueprint, you can finally cross the bridge to a better you, to transform and move towards connecting to your life path, mission and purpose. In the process you will connect to your true authentic Self and live more of an abundant, joyful and stress-free life where life works for you rather then against you.

My purpose is not just to be a Spiritual Healer and Psychotherapist but to also be a Spiritual Teacher and Coach helping others on their journey of Self-discovery and awakening no matter where they currently are on their path or Journey.

I believe in working and treating the whole person – Body, Mind, Emotions and Energy in a unique intuitive way, primarily working on all levels by releasing conditioning from the physical and emotional levels and helping to release deep rooted issues, fears and trauma that we unknowingly hold on to as part of our life’s journey and within our cellular memory.

Deep transformations occur to release stuck energy no matter their source within.

In the last 20 years I have seen a lot of issues and helped transmute a lot of pain. However, I have also helped my clients to change & improve their lives, become empowered and find clarity, joy, peace, wisdom, humility, compassion, and, of course, love. It all starts from within. The spiritual path is about going within and meeting yourself where you are no matter where that happens to be “there” for you.

In Life what you are (inner blueprint within) … Is what you get as an Outer reflection in Reality.

My teachings and work are derived from surrendering to the present moment. In the present moment intuitive information comes up, and energy flows. This is a sacred process where you learn about your inner blueprint and this in turn helps you to let go or surrender into the energies where a lot of amazing shifts can arise and these release you from old out dated patterns & beliefs.

The benefits of change and transformation include:

  • A calmer mind and more energy

  • Clarity on how to live consciously

  • A more open heart

  • Greater understanding of spiritual truth and how it applies to everyday living

  • Resolution of old trauma

  • Dissolution of a wide variety of issues, big and small

  • Greater vitality, energy, awareness and a better ability to be with yourself

  • Resolution of core issues and family karmas

  • Discovery of who you truly are

  • More expansive appreciation of all of life as it is, and much more

  • Live a more empowered Life in Flow with your true essence

Spiritual Healing

I currently work with a wide variety of people from all kinds of different backgrounds. I’ve regularly worked with those who are beginning on the spiritual path or who are at a more advanced level of their Spiritual Awakening. I have also helped those who just seek healing or need support through difficult chapters in their life or find that they are highly sensitive and struggle with their existing environments.

If you need help, assistance or further information then contact me here.