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About Me

I’ve been consciously on the path ever since I can remember. Even as a child I was aware of something within me – my own spirit guiding me every time I asked for help. In fact, I can say that I have lived the majority of my life this way. Even then I didn’t realise that I was already connected with my true essence.

Born in the UK to Hindu parents I found it hard growing up. I could not comprehend why the world and people acted the way they did. I could read their energies and was aware what they were feeling even at a young age. I possessed empath traits and this made it difficult in social environments – so I started shying away and kept myself to myself rather than be bombarded with everyone’s feelings and energy.
I found solace and freedom in sports free to be myself and express in joy and centeredness. Little did I know that this would be an important learning that connected me with my true essence and carry me throughout my life.

As was the norm, I was taught to live life in a certain way. To learn, strive after, achieve, try harder, work harder, excel and not give up or give in for that matter. To be the best you could be so that you would get a job and life that you wanted if you worked hard enough.

Unfortunately, I became stressed, ill, exhausted and burnt out a number of times trying to keep up with how we were supposed to work and live life. To combat the stress, I started exercising and working out. Great at first but then this put a huge strain on my physical body which then led to guess what? Even more exhaustion and I burnt out. In effect I had become hard wired to creating a vicious cycle to constant burn out and illness. I had a great corporate job, my own place, I was a high achiever and recognised as that. What I ever put my hand to just succeed – however it did come at a price. I kept losing balance, my inner balance.

It was during one of my burnout episodes that I was in bed with no energy to move that I remember thinking…

Is this it? Is this the way Life is meant to be? Surely not… There has to be a better way!

I wanted to be well, have more energy and vitality, have clarity and direction in life. I wanted have joy in my work and feel great about each day. I wanted a job that fulfilled me rather than one I dread. I wanted life to be other than a treadmill on constant repeat mode and no stop button!I remembered my younger days having no burdens, expectations or cares in the world. I realised that I had lost myself. I was unhappy.

I made a promise to myself that I would change and do whatever it took because I was done with this. I started a journey, unknown to me at the time, to come back to myself and work through the layers that had caused the struggle and illness. Little did I realise that this would be the start of something wonderful and ever-lasting.

Basically, I had to UNLEARN what I had learnt …. So I could live my life differently.

Through the course of my Journey – I realised that I had to look at myself in a different way and it wasn’t pretty! I saw all my Fears, Resistance, Attachments, Limiting Self-beliefs, Programs and Avoidances, as well as all my experiences and traumas that was me! All my coping strategies had now become counter-productive in my life. I found that all of this was driving my life and in most cases sabotaging it!

It was my Inner Blueprint – hard wired as me!

I took a hard look at myself and saw this blueprint within. Sorting help from wherever felt right, I started to heal, grew and evolve in countless ways. I continued to transform and became Present in my life. I dissolved what was holding me back and entered a deeper phase of presence. I was already in touch with the empath and healer within me but now my gifts were also evolving and expanding as I grew. My process of self-discovery and personal development continued and I sort to develop myself whenever the opportunity arose. It became my mantra. The motivation came from feeling better, lighter and more energy. Synchronicities increased, and people I needed would just show up in my life. We either walked a parallel journey for a short while or were the catalyst for each other to grow.

I became present before the mind thoughts, the emotions and my body sensations. My life became simplified and natural. I did not lose anything per se …. other than the actual mind conditioning and cellular memory that kept me stuck. If I didn’t like what life was presenting, I would go within to see what was creating it and work to resolve it. In short, I have never stopped working on my inner blueprint and self-developing.

Now I have more energy, vitality and clarity. I have a sense of joy when I get out of bed every morning. My work fulfils and energises me. I am no longer on that treadmill of life, I am in my natural flow connected and aligned to my centre.

My life’s path and journey has given me the necessary know how, tools and processes to help others. By pulling my gifts, experiences and knowledge together, I can see how others are playing the game of life …. And help them in a whatever way is right for them.

You see my journey has helped realise – We are All One!

We are part of the One Consciousness expressing and experiencing itself in the here and now. I can see and feel the symphony of the universe working around us reflecting who we are back to us. I had come full circle with new insight and knowledge than I ever had before.

My purpose now is to help others on their journey of Self-discovery, development and awakening no matter where they are on their Journey. Whether they are beginning their journey or are more advanced – it doesn’t matter. My aim is to keep the language and processes simplified and as down to earth as possible so people do not to get hung up on jargon, labels or concepts that can distract the mind.

It’s not necessarily being Spiritual that matters. It’s a desire to grow and self-develop towards a new state of being, in flow, harmony and joy, living a fulfilled, energised and happy life, knowing your purpose and consciously creating their reality in every moment.

In short, I want you to have the Keys to the universe also.