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Teaching, Healing’s & Transformation Events

In Life what we are “inner blueprint within” … Is what we get as our Outer reflection in Reality.

How and what I teach varies depending on where you are on your path and what you need. The strongest teaching is presence and Oneness. The energy of the shared connection can be quite powerful, and that can surprise people who are not used to such connections. It can draw up a lot of issues, and it can also evoke a lot of love and release. Both experiences are powerful and opportunities for growth. Some connections are much slower and more gradual. Everyone is at a different level of conscious awareness and so each connection is unique and different. This makes it necessary for my teachings to be tailored to your specific needs.

My purpose and work is to help others on their journey of Self-discovery, Self-development and awakening; no matter where they are on their Journey. Whether it be for those beginning their journey or those who are more advanced – it doesn’t matter.

My aim is to keep the language simplified and processes as down to earth as possible. This is important so that people do not to get hung up on jargon, labels or concepts that can distract them and give something else for the mind to identify with.

Overall, the path is about going within, not holding onto ideas or trying to attain states, but to sit in stillness, quiet and at peace within ourselves. We learn to be open to all connections and experiences, and that allows us to respond intuitively and wisely to the ever-changing tapestry of life that is unfolding before us.

To thrive in this work, you need to be willing have:

  • Dedication and regular do inner work outside of sessions
  • Humility and willingness to see your own stuff
  • Honesty
  • Good communication with me (Yourself or Self?)
  • Willingness to be vulnerable
  • Willingness to face discomfort
  • Willingness to take full responsibility of your own life

Transformation will focus on a person’s whole-being as well as their inner blueprint that has developed over that person’s life time namely the fears, beliefs, programs, experiences and life’s traumas which are housed within pathways and cellular memory of the human body.

When we have clarity, are balanced and centred, harmonised and happy, then the flow of energy within the whole body flows normally unhindered throughout our whole body & energy systems. However, when we are not in harmony as a result of our fears, stress and insecurities, then our system starts to reflect that and often gets blocked or contracted by everyday life and situations. When the person is prolonged in this state it may lead to illnesses as well as body mind disturbances.

Free yourself

Whilst ever individual is different and unique it leads to all kinds of wonderful realizations, healing moments, openings, growth and shifts that happen in the sessions. It’s a wonderful experience even if it can be uncomfortable at times. When an issue releases, you no longer have to deal with again, and that kind of freedom is why many of my clients keep returning to this work year after year.

Energy often move into those spaces as deepening takes place. I will encourage you to honour the heart, body, and subtle energy field as well as the mind. True transformation and growth go beyond the mind into the heart, body, and soul for ever lasting change to occur.

Transformation and Healing focuses on:

  • Energising the system as a whole or specific systems.
  • Grounding and centre.
  • Transform emotional conditioning within the system.
  • Stabilise the system if it is exhausted or shaky.
  • Treat injuries to release shock or trauma within the cellular memory of the body.
  • Treat Inflammation or specific body-tissue.
  • Situations that are causing distress.

A session lasts approximately one hour but can be tailored to specific needs as each individual is unique. Before the session starts, you will be invited to discuss the nature of your concerns. Clients remain fully clothed throughout and are invited to simply relax on the treatment couch. Usually a dialogue is entered into through the sessions and the and at the end of the session you will be able to receive feedback and discuss your experience of the healing treatment.

The aim of each session is to work towards releasing what needs to be worked on and rebalancing the mind, body, emotions and spirit. You will be provided valuable information as to what is happening in your body and why. You will also receive recommendation as to how to manage life moving forward.

I work with people in six main ways:

  • Connecting In-Person for Private Sessions.
  • Connecting Via Skype for Private Sessions.
  • Connecting in Group Sessions Such as Talks and Satsangs.
  • Connecting in Group Sessions such as Teleseminars and Webinars.
  • In Small group workshops working on Specific themes, issues and topics.
  • Silent Retreats in a supportive environment to help resolve deep rooted issues.
Spiritual Healing

People who would benefit from my work:

Initially, those who have had an awakening and feel completely out of sorts. It’s a bewildering and scary place initially because awakening falls so far out of the realm of what the mind considers “normal.” It also can be a blissful, ecstatic, and extremely connected space. I’ll work with you to find appropriate grounding, feel less disoriented, and help you to shift from an old way of being and towards understanding what is happening and how to manage life moving forward.

As the initial awakening intensity calms, I help you to continue to dissolve further into Consciousness & oneness and avoid the traps of the spiritual plateau. There’s a lot of ego attachments and other levels of resistance that awakened energy may leave intact even after years of transformation, and to go further means to choose to keep staying open, going within, and surrendering.

People who are Sensitive to energies or are in High-visibility positions.

Being a person who is sensitive or in a high-visibility position is a huge responsibility. The attention from so many people bombards the individual with lots of energies and demands. It’s very easy for high-visibility and sensitive people to create a façade, lose their way, or shut down because they don’t know how to handle all this energy nor the issues that are triggered within them.

To those people, I offer support to help them go deeper and plummet the depths of their inner space so that they resolve issues that are getting triggered. With this support, they can stay open, clear, and true to themselves and to the service they are offering.

People who are Long-time Self Developers or Seekers of Truth

I help long-time seekers go further than they are, and they are often challenged by me to let go of the ideas and experiences they’ve had. The long-time spiritual seeker tends to become burdened by an excess of ideas and experiences, which they’re now holding onto which can be particularly challenging.

I can then help them move further on the path towards clarity, freedom and vitality.

Other Opportunities

Spiritual Teacher and Healer Mentorship Program

For those who are just beginning, I can help you create a healthy foundation to build upon and do the work that you are called to do. For those who are already practicing, I can help you to go deeper and clear the next level of issues within you so that you can expand your work. When we clear more internal space, the depth and expansiveness of the work we offer to the world grows.

I rarely choose anyone to mentor because the energetic connection has to be right, and the individual has to be at a phase of development where they can take on the work. Being a conduit for light, love, and support to others is a big job, and many people rush to it too soon. So, expect the mentorship process to be longer than you might expect because I want to ensure that you are truly ready to handle the burden it presents.

While I don’t like making promises about the spiritual path, there are all kinds of wonderful realizations, healing moments, openings, spiritual growth, and shifts that happen in my sessions. It’s a wonderful experience even if it can be uncomfortable at times. When an issue releases, you no longer have to deal with again, and that kind of freedom is why many of my students keep returning to this work year after year.

Spiritual sessions often move through spaces in order to achieve deeper connection to focus on releasing pain and stuck energy in the body as well as to stay grounded in the present moment. I will help you to honour your heart, body, and subtle energy field as well as the mind as true healing and growth goes beyond the mind into the whole-being and much further than the mind can comprehend.